Urban Fountain Coffee

Dropship Coffee Store

Client • 

Amanda Page

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Branding + Design

Date • 

Dec 8, 2023

Project Overview:

Urban Fountain Coffee embarked on a journey with us to launch their dream: a private label coffee store that stands out in the bustling Shopify marketplace. Our mission was to bring this vision to life, from sourcing the perfect dropshipping supplier for their private label coffee to crafting a brand that resonates with coffee lovers everywhere. This project was a blend of strategy, design, and technological integration, brewed to perfection by our team.


Our objectives were multifaceted but clear. First, to identify and partner with a supplier that aligned with Urban Fountain Coffee's values and business model. Next, to seamlessly integrate this supplier with Shopify for effortless order fulfillment. Finally, to create a brand identity that would captivate and engage their target audience, from packaging design to the online store itself.

Scope of Work:

The scope of our work for Urban Fountain Coffee was comprehensive. We embarked on a supplier search, meticulously vetting potential partners to ensure they met our client's standards for quality and reliability. Once the perfect supplier was onboarded, we facilitated the integration with Shopify, setting the stage for a smooth operational flow. Our creative team then took the reins, developing branding, package design, and website graphics that tell the Urban Fountain Coffee story. We designed their website with care, populated it with compelling product copy, and ensured every detail reflected the brand's essence.

Additional Information:

The client's response to their new online store was beyond expectations - they were thrilled. The success Urban Fountain Coffee has enjoyed since launch is a testament to the power of a well-executed plan and a dedicated partnership.

Client-Centric Approach:

At the heart of Urban Fountain Coffee's project was our unwavering commitment to our client-centric approach. Understanding and aligning with their vision was our priority from day one. We worked hand in hand with Urban Fountain Coffee, ensuring that their aspirations for a unique private label coffee store were fully realized. Their satisfaction and the subsequent success of their store affirm our belief in fostering strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. By making their goals our goals, we ensure that every project outcome is not just a success but a milestone in our clients' business journeys.

Expert Team:

Urban Fountain Coffee's success story was brewed by our expert team, a blend of strategists, designers, and tech specialists. Each brought their best to the table, combining their talents to create a solution that was not only functional but also visually stunning and brand-aligned. Our team's commitment to excellence was the cornerstone of this project's success.

Guaranteed Excellence:

The outcome of our work with Urban Fountain Coffee is a shining example of our agency's commitment to excellence. Achieving such a high level of client satisfaction and project success is our standard, not the exception. We promise and deliver exceptional results, project after project, as demonstrated by the thriving Urban Fountain Coffee store.

Urban Fountain Coffee's journey from concept to reality showcases the limitless possibilities when you partner with us. As we celebrate their success, we invite you to consider what your own story could be with our team by your side. Imagine the future, then let's make it happen together. With our expertise, your vision for a digital storefront can become the next success story.

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