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Web Design + Socials

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Mar 8, 2022

Project Overview:

Jel, a vibrant newcomer to the local restaurant scene, approached us with a vision to stand out through a bold and distinctive brand identity. Their ambition was to break the mold with a loud, cartoonish brand that would capture the essence of their unique culinary experience. Tasked with creating everything from their logo to their website and menu prints, our goal was to craft a brand and digital presence as dynamic and original as Jel itself.


The objective was clear: to build a brand identity that was not only loud and bold but also irresistibly engaging. Jel wanted a visual style that popped, complemented by a website that broke conventional design norms. Our mission extended to ensuring that every touchpoint, from online to in-person, reflected this vibrant branding, setting Jel apart in a competitive market.

Scope of Work:

Our scope of work was comprehensive, encompassing the development of a unique logo, the design of a visually striking website, and the creation of eye-catching menu prints. The branding drew on bright, bold colors and cartoonish elements, designed to make Jel's brand unforgettable. The website was crafted to be a digital embodiment of their brand ethos, offering a user experience unlike any other, while the menu prints translated their digital personality into tangible customer touchpoints.

Additional Information:

Since the launch of their brand and website, Jel has carved out a niche in the local culinary scene, attracting attention with its standout branding and innovative approach. Their success is a testament to the power of bold, differentiated branding in creating buzz and drawing in customers.

Client-Centric Approach:

At the core of our strategy was a deep commitment to understanding Jel's vision and aspirations. This client-centric approach ensured that every element of the brand, from the logo to the website, was a true reflection of their unique identity. By aligning our creative process with Jel's bold ambitions, we crafted a brand experience that resonates with their target audience and distinguishes them in the market.

Expert Team:

This project was brought to life by our multidisciplinary team of designers, web developers, and branding experts. Their collaborative efforts resulted in a brand identity that perfectly captures Jel's spirit, from the playful logo to the groundbreaking website design. Their creativity and commitment to pushing boundaries were key to achieving a brand that truly sets Jel apart.

Guaranteed Excellence:

Our work with Jel exemplifies our commitment to excellence and innovation. By daring to be different and embracing Jel's vision for a bold brand identity, we delivered results that not only met but exceeded expectations. Our promise of excellence is evident in the unique, vibrant brand we created, reflecting our dedication to outstanding design and strategic thinking.

Jel's journey to establishing a bold and unique presence in the restaurant industry is a vivid example of how innovative branding can elevate a business. As they continue to delight customers with their distinctive culinary experience, we invite you to consider how your brand could benefit from our creative and strategic expertise. Let's create something unforgettable together, crafting a brand that truly stands out.

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