Jacks Beans

Coffee Brand

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Jacks Benas

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Shopify Design

Date • 

Mar 1, 2023

Project Overview:

Jack Beans, a leading coffee company in the UK renowned for supplying premium beans and machines to hundreds of businesses, sought our expertise to extend their offerings to B2C customers through an e-commerce platform. With a challenging timeline and a project half-done by another agency, our mission was to deliver a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing online coffee shop in under two weeks. Our dedication and efficiency were put to the test in creating a solution that not only met but exceeded Jack Beans' expectations.


The primary goal was to quickly develop a user-friendly e-commerce store that accurately represented Jack Beans' brand and made their high-quality coffee beans accessible to individual consumers. Speed and efficiency, without sacrificing quality, were paramount to replace the unsatisfactory progress made by the previous agency and to meet the client's urgent need for a B2C sales platform.

Scope of Work:

Our team embarked on an accelerated project timeline to design and launch the Jack Beans e-commerce site. Leveraging our expertise in rapid development methodologies and e-commerce best practices, we focused on creating a seamless shopping experience, from browsing to checkout. Key tasks included product categorization, intuitive design, secure payment integration, and ensuring the site's scalability for future growth.

Additional Information:

The launch of Jack Beans' online shop marked a significant milestone in their business expansion, allowing them to tap into the direct consumer market successfully. The project's completion in under two weeks—far less than the initial attempt by another agency—demonstrated our capability to deliver high-quality results within stringent deadlines. The client reported a positive reception from their B2C audience and a smooth transition into the e-commerce domain.

Client-Centric Approach:

From the outset, we focused on understanding Jack Beans' specific needs and objectives, adopting a client-centric strategy that prioritized their requirements and business goals. This approach ensured that the final product was not only completed in record time but also aligned with the client's vision for engaging with the B2C market effectively.

Expert Team:

This rapid turnaround was made possible by our dedicated team of web developers, designers, and project managers, who worked tirelessly to bring Jack Beans' vision to life. Their commitment to excellence and agility in problem-solving were key factors in the project's success, showcasing our agency's strength in delivering prompt and effective digital solutions.

Guaranteed Excellence:

The Jack Beans e-commerce store project exemplifies our promise of excellence and our ability to meet challenging demands. Our agile approach and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction were instrumental in transforming an incomplete initiative into a thriving online store, highlighting our proficiency in navigating tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

The success of the Jack Beans e-commerce platform serves as a testament to our expertise in digital innovation and client collaboration. If you're seeking a digital agency capable of turning ambitious projects around quickly and efficiently, look no further. Contact us to discuss how we can help elevate your online presence and achieve your business objectives with speed and precision.

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