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Jan 2, 2023

Project Overview:

Fit Liberty approached us with a vision to tap into the burgeoning market of home fitness enthusiasts. As the trend of working out from home gained momentum, they sought our expertise to launch a dropship store that would cater to this demographic. Our mission was to create a one-stop-shop for fitness aficionados, offering everything they need to stay fit from the comfort of their homes. This project was an exciting fusion of market research, supplier sourcing, and e-commerce design, all aimed at propelling Fit Liberty to the forefront of the home fitness industry.


Our primary goal was to source products that not only fit the home workout trend but also came from reliable suppliers with fast shipping options to the U.S. Additionally, we aimed to conduct thorough niche and product research to identify top-performing products that would captivate Fit Liberty's target audience. The end objective was to design a Shopify store complete with branding and logo that resonated with fitness enthusiasts, populated with a curated selection of 50 winning products.

Scope of Work:

The project encompassed extensive niche research, supplier vetting, and product selection to ensure Fit Liberty's store would offer only the best and most sought-after fitness products. Our design team undertook the creation of a compelling brand identity, including logo and branding materials, that would speak directly to the fitness community. The Shopify store was meticulously designed to offer a seamless shopping experience, showcasing the 50 handpicked products through engaging copy and visuals.

Additional Information:

The result was a fully optimised, user-friendly dropship store that stands as a testament to our detailed research and design capabilities. Fit Liberty's entry into the market was met with enthusiasm, marking a significant milestone in their business journey and further solidifying our reputation for excellence in e-commerce solutions.

Client-Centric Approach:

Understanding and aligning with Fit Liberty's vision was paramount throughout the project. Our client-centric approach ensured that their objectives became our objectives, leading to a collaborative process that was both efficient and effective. This approach not only guaranteed Fit Liberty's satisfaction but also fostered a partnership that we hope will continue to grow as their business flourishes.

Expert Team:

Our dedicated team of researchers, designers, and e-commerce experts were the backbone of the Fit Liberty project. Their collaborative effort ensured that every aspect of the store, from supplier selection to the final design, was executed with precision and aligned with the client's vision. Their expertise and commitment to excellence were crucial in turning Fit Liberty's concept into a successful reality.

Guaranteed Excellence:

At our agency, we don't just aim for satisfactory outcomes; we guarantee excellence. Fit Liberty's project is a prime example of our commitment to delivering superior results. Through meticulous planning, innovative design, and strategic product curation, we provided Fit Liberty with a launchpad for success in the competitive home fitness market.

Fit Liberty's journey is a compelling narrative of vision, execution, and success. As we celebrate their achievements, we invite you to envision what your success story could look like with our team at your side. Let's explore the possibilities together and transform your vision into the next e-commerce sensation.

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